10 Starbucks Hacks You Need to Know

Source: Ashley Selleke and Jess Welsh for The Everygirl

Admit it: You’re obsessed with Starbucks. It’s not just a coffee shop, it’s a lifestyle. We wait year-round for the infamous PSL (“basic” be damned), know it’s time for Christmas when they start serving Gingerbread Lattes from Christmas cups, and look forward to summer with fruity, refreshing, and Insta-worthy iced teas. But it can be a pretty pricey obsession to have. With typical menu drinks costing about $3 to $7 (plus that extra shot of espresso or added almond milk), it can easily add up. But whether you’re looking to save money, spend less time waiting in a Starbucks line, or have healthier options, you can be getting more bang for your (Star)buck. Read on for the Starbucks hacks that will save you time, money, and added sugar.


1. Don’t limit yourself to what’s on the menu

The most expert Starbucks-frequenters rarely order from the menu to get their favorite drinks—and they save money. Check out the secret menu (yes, it really does exist!) or try these secret menu drink concoctions that are all $3, and never pay $6 for a coffee again. If you prefer lattes, order the caffe misto, which tastes the same (half coffee, half milk) but is slightly cheaper. More of a tea drinker? A chai latte misto is half steamed milk and half brewed chai tea, saving you money and sugar (you can also just order a hot chai tea with steamed milk if the terminology weirds you out and save $1 to $2).


2. Make your own drinks for a cheaper price

We all love our lattes, but they get pricey, especially if you need a Venti size. If you’re OK with foregoing the foam, order a triple espresso (over ice, if you prefer iced lattes) in a Venti cup (with room for milk), and then go to the condiments area to fill up your coffee with milk, which is like a DIY iced latte but for a fraction of the cost. Love your foam? Order a Tall coffee with steamed milk (still cheaper than a latte!) or a Tall hot coffee in a Grande cup, and then fill up on the milk at the condiments station for a Grande latte for the price of a Tall black coffee.


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3. Take advantage of refills

Do you spend a lot of workdays or meetings at Starbucks, where you stay for hours and get multiple drinks? Or maybe one cup of coffee just doesn’t cut it? During the time you’re at Starbucks, you can refill your cup with brewed coffee or tea for just 5o cents instead of paying for an additional drink, even if your original drink was not just brewed coffee or tea. “Refills” only count as iced or hot coffee and iced or hot tea, but remember the tricks above to turn it into a latte. Fill up on a Pumpkin Spice Latte during your coffee shop meeting and get a 50-cent extra pick-me-up of tea before you leave.


4. Bring your own cup

I love the limited-edition Christmas cups as much as the next girl, but if you bring your own cup to help the environment (we’re all about saving the planet, one coffee cup and plastic straw at a time!), you’ll also save 10 cents on your drink. 10 cents may not seem like a lot, but if you get Starbucks every day for a year and save 10 cents each time, you’ll have saved $36.40 (yeah, I did the math). Bring your own tumbler, mug, or to-go cup to simultaneously save money and the planet. 


5. Sign up for rewards

Normally, rewards programs just mean more spam emails, but at Starbucks, it is a must. First of all, it’s free to sign up (isn’t that convincing enough?), and besides just having a ton of perks for being a reward member (hello, free birthday drink!), you also earn points for a number of things—like purchasing anything in-store and buying certain Starbucks items in grocery stores—that can be used for free food and drinks. If you’re an avid Starbucks-goer, signing up for the rewards program means you’ll rack up points for major perks. Even if you only hit up Starbucks once every so often, it’s still worth it for the free drink on your birthday. 


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6. Order a French press pot of coffee

Getting coffee with a friend, meeting up with your work wife for an out-of-office meeting, or getting sh*t done at your local Starbucks all afternoon? Order a French press pot of coffee instead of individual cups. Each pot serves a few cups of coffee but will be cheaper than buying each cup individually. Enjoy a pot with your friends or get a serious caffeine buzz on your own (we won’t judge).


7. Get the most out of your iced drink

Are you an iced coffee drinker, even when it’s cold? Or maybe you’re on an iced tea kick to help you drink less caffeine? There are a couple of tricks to help you make the most of your favorite iced drinks. For example, if you’re getting an iced tea, ask for “no water.” Iced teas are typically watered down, so asking for no water will make the brew stronger. For any iced beverage, order “light ice.” The barista’s default is to fill up the entire cup with ice, which limits how much cold brew or matcha you get. Light ice will still keep your drink refreshingly chilled while offering more bang for your buck by getting you more drink. 


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8. Be specific about your syrup

Looking to be healthier and limit sugar but love a PSL or vanilla latte way too much? You don’t have to give up your favorite beverage altogether—instead, just get specific about the syrup. Typically, a Tall drink has a default of three pumps of syrup (i.e. a Tall PSL contains three pumps of pumpkin spice syrup), a Grande has four pumps, and a Venti typically has five to six. If drinking a Venti vanilla latte is the happiest moment of your day, you go girl. But if you’re looking to be healthier without giving up your go-to drink, try specifying how many pumps you prefer in your order. Try one to two pumps in a Tall or Grande for the same flavor you love but with less sugar. 


9. Ask for a sample

I usually stick to a typical iced coffee, but if you’re more adventurous than I am and like to try out the seasonal offerings or a new drink on the menu, you don’t need to risk not liking what you order. Unless the store is super busy, the barista should be totally fine getting you a sample of a certain brew or drink if you’re unsure whether or not you’d like it. This is officially your sign to try that new roast or the seasonal drink (after sampling it first, of course). 


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Scorpio Guide: How to Make The Most of Your Birth Month

The Everygirl’s product selections are curated by the editorial team. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. We only recommend products we genuinely love.

We know how special your birthday is, so we’re sharing a monthly run-down of everything you should wear, read, watch, and do to celebrate your big day. Tune in every month as we share a guide to having the best birthday month, all according to your zodiac sign.

The sign of mystery, sex, and darkness (I mean, it is the sign of All Hallow’s Eve) is upon us, so we’re ready to celebrate exactly how they would. Get ready for crime TV, thriller books, black clothes, and cozy nights at home to make the most of your sign, Scorpio (And if you’re reading this Drake, we just know you’ll love You. Trust us.). 


What to Read

Lana Harper

Payback’s A Witch

Emmy Harlow moved to Chicago after some family drama and a bad breakup with the heir to her town’s most magical family (and infamous heartbreaker), Gareth. When she returns to her magical hometown, she runs into Talia, a badass witch, who’s fresh off a breakup with Gareth, who also happened to be seeing Emmy’s best friend Linden too. The three set their sights on revenge, but why can’t Emmy keep her eyes off of Talia? Revenge, new love, and magic are basically a Scorpio’s middle name—they won’t be able to put this down.

Shop it now

Stephen Graham Jones

My Heart Is a Chainsaw

Jade Daniels is an angry half-Indian outcast who’s obsessed with horror movies. So when blood actually starts to spill into the waters of Indian Lake, she pulls us into her dizzying, encyclopedic mind of blood and masked murderers and predicts exactly how the plot will unfold, just like a mystery-loving Scorpio would.

Shop it now

Evie Dunmore

Portrait of a Scotsman

Romantic Scorpios deserve a classic romance, and if it’s historical, even better. A London bank heiress and a financier find themselves at the altar for a bit of adventure on her end and a plot to launch his political career, but a trip to Scotland might inspire some real feelings.

Shop it now


What to Watch

1.  American Crime Story: Impeachment

What it’s all about: We all think we know the story of President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, but there is a lot more than meets the eye. This show follows Monica and Bill’s relationship and the trial that would ensue. 

Reasons Scorpios will love it: juicy government conspiracies, a forbidden romance, and Sarah Paulson in probably her best role yet


2.  Dune

What it’s all about: When the house of Atreides is given control of a dangerous, basically inhabitable planet known for its priceless substance called “spice,” they must fight for their lives to protect their family. 

Why Scorpios will love it: an amazing score, an epic story of survival, and a little bit of magic


3.  You 

What it’s all about: A bookstore owner named Joe falls in love at first sight with Beck—and he has some creepy ways of showing it. The third season, releasing next month, follows Joe and Love (a killer couple) as they venture into parenthood. 

Why Scorpios will love it: a deeply toxic relationship, a “you won’t believe that happened” twist, and rich family drama


What to Wear 

Scorpio: sexy, powerful, mysterious. Of course, they show all their traits in their outfits. Even when they’re just lounging at home or running errands, they want to feel confident and like their best selves. 



vest dress / button down / boots / tote / tights



corset / leather pants / bag / heels 



sweatshirt / sweatpants / socks / mug


What to Do

Source: Rawpixel


1. Actually enjoy your coffee for once

No more of that “wake up five minutes before work and pour yesterday’s coffee into a mug that you’ll reheat three times.” Scorpios are hard-working and don’t often give themselves a moment to slow down. There is no time like crisp fall to enjoy a really good cup of coffee, whether you make it at home or pick it up on your hot girl walk. 


2. Go on a date 

The sign of romance and commitment deserves a hot date, whether with your partner of five years, someone you just met on an app, or yourself. Maybe it’s a night in binge-watching one of the shows above or a night on the town in a new outfit. 


3. Start a gratitude journal

As the holiday season approaches and your calendar suddenly fills, make sure to focus on gratitude. Starting a journal will hold you accountable and keep a record of your thoughts. This is something you can consistently go back to, which intense and emotional Scorpios will appreciate.


What You Should Read This Fall, Based on Your Zodiac Sign



The Bob Haircut Is Blowing up Our Feeds RN

The Everygirl’s product selections are curated by the editorial team. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. We only recommend products we genuinely love.

I spent all of 2021 trying to grow out my hair. I did the aloe trick, tried hair elixirs, laid upside down to get “blood flow to my head”—you name it, I tried it. I lusted after long, luscious locks. And then, like magic, one single photo popped up on my Instagram feed, and I made an appointment for a chic, short bob haircut 15 minutes later.

The photo in question? This gorgeous bob by Clay Hawkins (known for doing Olivia Rodrigo’s hair) on Elizabeth Olsen. It has bangs, it has texture, it has volume—and it checked all the boxes I’d been wanting in a long cut that actually suits my hair type and texture (straight and fine). 

But as I began delving into the universe that is the bob, I discovered it’s great for just about any hair type or texture. “A neck-length bob is timeless but also super trendy right now,” said celebrity hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein. “[It’s] not a move you’ll ever look back and regret! This cut can be worn on many hair textures, blown out or worn natural, and is always the epitome of chic.”

Now, it feels like everyone is taking a hint from the Parisians and trying this style. Selena Gomez unveiled a blunt bob on TikTok and Kourtney Kardashian is rocking it too. If your feed has been taken over by short, blunt haircuts this fall and you’re considering a chop, you’ve come to the right place.

Meet the expert
Kylee Heath
Kylee is a celebrity hairstylist who has worked with Nicole Kidman, Awkwafina, Laura Dern, and more. She is also a member of the R+Co Collective.


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Who is a good candidate for a bob haircut?

According to Kylee Heath, celebrity hairstylist and R+Co Collective member, because there are many types of bobs out there, pretty much anyone can rock it. “A French bob can work on almost any face shape,” she said. “A neck-length bob is timeless and also trendy right now. This cut can be worn on many hair textures, blown out or worn natural.” For straight and/or fine hair, she recommended a bob with a parted bang, especially if you have a natural wave to your hair and like to air dry. On the other hand, if you like to style your hair often, the chic ’90s bob that stops right at your chin is a trendy style you can easily straighten or press, curl, or wear natural. Heath also recommended a baby bang (AKA short bangs above your eyebrows) if you have straight hair and want an effortless, “just-rolled-out-bed” look. 

“If you have wavy to curly hair, a bob with bangs can be a great look,” Heath said. “I suggest only combing the hair while it is soaking wet, then scrunching in a curl or air-dry cream.” Using a diffuser on a low setting can help keep your curls intact and give your hair some shape. “Curly bangs with a curly bob are so effortless and chic.” 


What to ask for

There are many different kinds of bobs out there: blunt, asymmetrical, with bangs, without bangs, with layers, without layers—it can get confusing. First, talk to your hairstylist. They’ll have insight on how these different cuts might work with your hair type and current cut. If you already have a ton of really short, shaggy layers, cutting a blunt bob might not be possible; on the other hand, if you have curly, coily, medium, or thick hair, you might want to add in some piecey layers for movement.




If you want to wake up and go without having to style your hair, this is the ideal cut—it’s so low maintenance. You can wear it messy with waves or your natural curl pattern or sleek and straight. This cut can be anywhere from chin-length to just resting on your shoulders. A shorter cut will look more striking and bold while a longer bob is sweet and bouncy. Regardless, it’s always chic. 


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Lucea 1” Flat Iron

“A couple subtle tweaks in the front with a flat iron or small curling iron can make a big difference when styling bobs,” Heath said. This will create those sleek and straight strands, or it’s perfect for folding your hair under for a blowout-look (less Coconut Head, more chic).

Shop it now

Kristin Ess

Soft Waves Curling Iron

Create soft waves with this bigger curling iron by separating your hair into a few sections and curling in opposite directions.

Shop it now

Color Wow

Dream Coat Supernatural Spray Anti-Frizz Treatment

Use this before you heat style to get your hair extra shiny and frizz-free.

Shop it now

Miss Jessie’s

Quick Curls

This gel will make your natural curl pattern more pronounced and add extra hold to your style.

Shop it now


Cool Wind Perfect Air-Dry Creme

For the days you want to skip the blow dryer, use this to add volume and texture without the heat. Heath also recommended this for air drying wavy and curly hair for scrunching your hair.

Shop it now

Cuvee Beauty

Volumizing Mist

This mist will add volume to the roots and mid-lengths on any hair texture.

Shop it now

Bread Beauty Supply

Hair Oil Everyday Gloss

To make your curls extra bouncy and moisturized, apply this as the last step in your routine.

Shop it now


With Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs blend seamlessly with a short bob because it often looks quite structural, whether your bob is on the short side or enters lob territory. A bob naturally has a round shape that curtain bangs mimic and flow with well. You can go piecey and wispy or full ’70s. 


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A post shared by LACY REDWAY 👸🏾 🧠 💇🏽‍♀️✨♍️🗣💋💪🏾 (@lacyredway)


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One-Step Hair Dryer

This blow dryer is king for shaping and styling curtain and full bangs—trust me.

Shop it now


Rise Volumizing Hot Brush

For a ’70s look, use this hot brush to create those perfect swoopy bangs.

Shop it now

Fatboy Hair

Sea Salt Pomade

Add a touch of this pomade to your bangs to give extra hold and grit, making it 10x easier to shape them without heat.

Shop it now


With Full Bangs

Ah, this cut has the je ne sais quoi. A bob with bangs is one of the most classic Parisian cuts. It’s practically timeless. Obviously, bangs add a little extra maintenance to your styling, but the extra bit of interest is worth it. 


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Blowout Babe Interchangable Thermal Round Hair Brush

Use this small thermal round brush to create volume and shape to your bangs by flipping them up and down.

Shop it now


Volume Round Brush

If you’re a pro with the round brush (jealous), use this smaller version with your hair dryer to perfectly shape bangs.

Shop it now

Kristin Ess

Instant Lift Thickening Spray

Spray this directly into the roots of your bangs to add lots of body.

Shop it now


Fall 2021 Hair Trends: 30 Colors, Cuts, and Styles to Try This Year


The Coolest French-Inspired Haircuts to Show Your Stylist


How Anxiety Might Affect Your Relationship| The Everygirl

Source: Olya Kobruseva | Pexels

If you have anxiety, you might have already figured out how it affects you, your job, your self-confidence, or your actions. Maybe you know that regular therapy is crucial and consistent meditation makes a big difference in your anxiety-relief routine. But what we often don’t consider is how anxiety affects our relationships. While anxiety affects us (and our relationships) in different ways (a lot are actually positive, FYI), there are a few common symptoms experts say to look out for that could be damaging your relationship. Read on to learn six ways that your anxiety might be affecting your relationships and what to do about it. 


1. You may act irritable to your loved ones

When anxiety strikes, we can easily get angry or come off as irritable or cranky due to overstimulation, feeling overwhelmed, or getting upset with ourselves. “People with anxiety might be preoccupied with their experience and the symptoms of anxiety, which might make them feel irritable or on edge,” explained Diante Fuchs, a clinical psychologist, anxiety coach, and relationship therapist. 

If you catch yourself being short with your significant other or taking your emotions out on them, try explaining that your irritation is not because of them or anything they’ve done. Even if your initial reaction is annoyance or anger at them, you’re really upset at the situation or even at yourself, not at your partner. Try vocalizing something like, “I’m not upset with you, I am just feeling anxious.” Naming what you’re experiencing can immediately take the hard feelings out of it and clue your partner in to what you’re going through. Instead of getting defensive or irritable in response, they will know to give you some space or comfort, depending on what you need. 


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A post shared by FIA (@fiahamelijnck)


2. You might cancel plans frequently

When you’re anxious, even the thought of a social outing or plan you made previously can feel overwhelming. If you find yourself dreading plans or feeling a panic attack coming on, you may be tempted to cancel last minute. “Extrovert environments can sometimes make those who experience anxiety feel as though they are performing or having to be ‘on,’” said Evan Marmol, a licensed clinical social worker and therapist who specializes in anxiety. “Many people with anxiety might react by canceling plans at the last minute due to lack of energy or checking out of social events when feeling overwhelmed. While others might view this behavior as flightiness or a lack of interest, it’s a means of survival and self-preservation.”

Try to understand that your partner might interpret this behavior as you being flaky or not prioritizing them, no matter how good your intentions. To avoid this becoming an issue in your relationship, be as honest as you’re comfortable with about what you’re experiencing. A person who does not suffer from anxiety may not understand, so let them know that you were excited about your plans but a crowd feels overwhelming right now. Instead, suggest an alternative plan you feel more comfortable with or an alternative time if you want alone time or space right now. 


3. You might need consistent reassurance

Anxiety might make you question what other people think of you: whether they like you, love you, are mad at you, or if their feelings for you have changed. Because of the worry that comes with anxiety, you might seek out more consistent reassurance to quiet the worry. Besides working with a therapist and individually on gaining self-assurance and confidence, find out your love language. If your partner knows how you feel loved and reassured, they can more easily make an effort to help you feel secure. 

This may mean you are asking for reassurance more than others or are feeling insecure more than other people do. It’s important for you to be honest and find people who are OK with learning your needs and making you feel reassured. If you don’t know your love language, you can take this quiz to find out! Knowing how to best receive/feel reassured or loved can help you communicate to your friends, family, and partner what they can do that would give you reassurance or help ease your mind when you find yourself doubting their feelings for you.

Marmol also said that “there is a perception that anxiety makes people less than rather than simply different. Those with anxiety are often highly perceptive, dutiful, and empathetic,” so next time you are feeling anxious or insecure, remind yourself that your anxiety actually means you bring something special to the table.


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A post shared by ERIN JAY | sustainable style (@lifew.erin)


4. Your partner could unintentionally trigger you

People with anxiety often have triggers, like being in a crowd, experiencing unrelated stress, or changes in routine. If a new date suggests going to a crowded party or you and your significant other (inevitably) have a fight, your anxiety might be triggered, causing confusion, miscommunication, or conflict with your partner. Of course, your partner did not mean to trigger you, but they may not know what is and isn’t a trigger for your anxiety. The most important solution is to know your own triggers.

Work with a therapist, keep track in a journal, or reflect on past experiences to get to know situations and feelings that ignite your anxiety. Either clue your partner in to what your triggers are or have a game plan going into situations where potential triggers might arise. For example, if you and your partner get into a normal disagreement and you would typically shut off or escalate the fight by saying things you don’t mean out of feeling like you’re being rejected, make a plan to take a “break” from the argument or tell your partner to remind you they love you before you’re able to talk it through. Knowing where your anxiety might be triggered will help you both avoid conflict and confusion.


5. You can experience miscommunication

If both of you have experienced anxiety, it’s typically much easier for you to relate and communicate how anxiety is affecting your relationship so that it does not become an issue. However, if only one of you has experienced anxiety (or worked on their anxiety), there’s more likely to be some miscommunication or not being on the same page. “Partners often just don’t seem to get it if they haven’t struggled with anxiety themselves,” Fuchs said.

Just like anything else, it takes a lot of active listening to understand something your partner experienced but you haven’t. Maybe they’re not as understanding of your triggers or don’t really get why your anxiety manifests in certain ways. Don’t rely on them to ease your anxiety so you don’t put unfair pressure or resentment on your partner (you should be working on that individually!), but communicate as openly and honestly as possible so your partner can understand your experience. 


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6. Your intimacy might take a hit

Beyond your communication and love languages, anxiety can affect libido, making intimacy with your partner more difficult. Heather Mazzei, ASW, a social worker and writer for Modern Intimacy, explained that anxiety is a common cause of not being able to orgasm or lacking sex drive. “Anxiety may be keeping you from orgasm by worrying about your performance, the relationship, having an orgasm, or simply anxiety about receiving pleasure,” she said.

Besides working on your anxiety with a therapist, Mazzei recommended practicing with yourself first so you feel more comfortable receiving pleasure and get to know what you like. Also, communication and mindfulness are key. Talking through insecurities or worries beforehand can help ease the anxiety during sex. While you’re being intimate with your partner, try to stay mindful. Take deep breaths, focus on sensations in each part of your body, give yourself an affirmation, and (of course) stop if you don’t feel comfortable. 

Bottom line: Work on your anxiety in the ways that are best for you and give yourself compassion. Don’t rely on a romantic partner to take away anxiety for you, but make sure you’re with someone who supports you however they can through the uncomfortable and hard times. 


If you think you may be anxiety, it’s important to reach out and get help. See your doctor, get in contact with a therapist, and/or talk to a close friend or family member. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or actions, please get help immediately. 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)
Crisis Textline: text CONNECT to 741741


Is Imposter Syndrome Showing up in Your Relationship?
Here’s how to overcome it


42 Gift Ideas for Every Type of Mom

42 Best Gifts for Mom 2021  La Mer Our Place and More

Allure / Soleil Summer

Of all the people you'll be shopping for this holiday season, coming up with the best gifts for Mom may be one of the toughest. While moms may not always admit it, they love when their kids get personal when it comes to giving holiday presents. After all, who doesn't fancy the feeling of opening up a gift that you can clearly tell had a ton of thought and care put into it? It doesn't have to be anything expensive either: Simply think about your mom's lifestyle and her likes and dislikes, land on a budget for yourself, and go from there.

For instance, if your mom is a huge fan of traveling and loves skin care, why not get her a gorgeous travel diffuser or miniature serum set? Or, if your mom is someone who always has to have her nails done, an at-home manicure kit is an excellent idea that shows you pay attention to all the little details about her. Whatever it is that makes your mom unique, use that as your starting point and it won't steer you wrong.

Speaking of which: To send you in the right direction, we took the liberty of compiling a slew of gift ideas for every type of amazing mom and mother figure out there. Ahead, find 42 Allure-approved picks that will make your mama swoon this holiday season.

All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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The 24 Best Holiday Gifts at Nordstrom for Beauty Lovers

24 Best Nordstrom Gifts in 2021  Peter Thomas Roth MAC and More

Allure / Clara Hendler 

This time of year, no shortage of gift guides are out there, but here at Allure, we take great pride in helping you pick the perfect presents for your friends and family — including some of the best Nordstrom gifts. The options are vast, but we gathered just the right selection of products for both those who know exactly what they want and the perpetually indecisive. Even if you're not shopping for yourself, these choices make it easy to home in on practical, luxurious, or editor-approved products for anyone on your list. And let's be real, considering the year we've had, it's safe to say we all deserve the best of the best. 

Chances are, at least one beauty lover is on your list. And chances are even higher that said beauty lover is expecting you to sleigh (get it?) when picking out the right present for them. Perhaps you're looking to spoil just yourself with some limited-edition skin-care or makeup sets before they go out of stock at the end of the season — in which case, we salute you for thinking ahead. 

For all of the above, Nordstrom — with its extensive selection of beauty gifts and astounding holiday sales — is definitely one retailer to bookmark. Just in case you're feeling overwhelmed, we've rounded up the best beauty sets, skin care, and scents from some of our favorite brands such as Tom Ford, Peter Thomas Roth, and MAC. Below, you'll find Nordstrom giftables at every price point and for just about every beauty preference.   

All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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This New Tinted Sunscreen Had a Wait List of More Than 2,500 People

Three beauty editors wearing Tower 28 SunnyDays foundation side by sideCourtesy of editors 

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My relationship with sunscreen is complicated because of my skin's sensitivity. On days I opt out of foundation and use sunscreen alone, I find that the patches of redness and irritation along my laugh lines and chin stick out like a sore thumb. So when Tower 28 launched SunnyDays, a tinted sunscreen foundation with SPF 30 made with consideration for sensitive skin types like mine — essentially promising not to irritate my skin but also offering skin-tone-matching coverage — I thought the only hurdle left was finding a shade match.

Before SunnyDays, Tower 28 founder Amy Liu, who has sensitive skin, went through many trials with often-irritating chemical sunscreens and hard-to-blend mineral sunscreens. "It made it tricky to find the perfect formula without irritating [my] skin or leaving a white cast," Liu recalls. Highlighting the challenges faced by those with conditions like eczema and acne, she says, "SPF protection is needed since sun damage can lead to scarring" and hyperpigmentation. Ellen Marmur, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist in New York City, defines this as "discolored or darkened [skin] for a variety of reasons, such as sun damage or acne scarring."

Liu was determined to create the first tinted sunscreen foundation gentle enough to receive the National Eczema Association's Seal of Acceptance, which it now has. "I knew our [sensitive-skin] community needed it and it didn't exist on the market," Liu says. The wait list opened two weeks prior to SunnyDays' official launch date and more than 2,500 customers eagerly signed up.

After 50 iterations and three years (amid the pandemic), Liu and makeup artist Kirin Bhatty created 14 tinted sunscreen foundation shades, starting with the deepest, Venice, first. "It was really important that all shades had zero white casts or oxidation," Liu says. "The team accomplished this by incorporating a mineral shield, titanium dioxide, and iron oxides as pigments "to reach that perfect tone." By working with these ingredients and taking into consideration how the mineral filter may manipulate color, oxidization was not an issue and true-to-skin-tone shades were achieved. 

Three foundation tubes showing each shade with a swatch of each on a tan background

Tower 28 SunnyDay shades PCH, Third Street, and Melrose

Courtesy of brand

The packaging started as a bottle, but Liu wanted to make sure all of the product could be used without leaving any at the bottom, so she quickly changed to a tube. And the thin nozzle creates a "hygienic needle nose that's basically a one-way, so bacteria can't get in and it allows you to control the amount of product that comes out," Liu says.

I was born and raised in sunny California, so I have a soft spot for things that remind me of home, and I love the product and shade names, like Silver Lake, Venice, and Topanga. And because I was brought up where the sun always shines, sunscreen in both my makeup and skin-care routine is an absolute must. Liu felt the same way when formulating SunnyDays. "We actually tried for a higher SPF but couldn't do it without sacrificing white cast or blendability," she says, after landing on the dermatologist-recommended SPF 30.

Once SunnyDays was in my possession, I unscrewed the lid from its squeezable tube, admiring the long, transparent, applicator tip. It's clear, which makes it easy to see and control how much product is coming out. (We've all been there with the first squeeze shooting out and wasting product.) The shade Point Dune is spot-on for my warm, olive-tone skin. 

I used a damp makeup sponge for light coverage on my entire face, adding an extra dot or two of product where my redness shines through. Since the texture is remarkably light and creamy, additional coverage on my red zone did not irritate my skin or dry it out, eliminating any concerns about creases and cakey laugh lines as the day went on. 

Editor wearing SunnyDays foundation wearing a white sweater and gold accessories

Editorial assistant Talia Gutierrez wears the shade Point Dune.

Courtesy of editor

The finish starts out dewy but not the least bit oily, and then settles without oxidizing, somewhere between matte and glowy. As for my sensitive skin, my laugh lines and chin were not the least bit irritated during or after application. But don't just take my word for it — four other Allure editors shared their first impressions and honest thoughts on Tower 28's SunnyDays SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen Foundation. 

Allure editor wearing a purple tank top graphic eye liner and a red lip smiling at the camera

Senior commerce writer Sarah Han wears the shade Mullholland.

Courtesy of editor

For senior commerce writer Sarah Han, it's all about results that match a tall order of claims. "Creating an inclusive tinted sunscreen that provides decent coverage and doesn't leave a chalky residue or white cast — let alone, one ideal for sensitive skin — is a supersize order. Or so I thought until I swiped it on," she says. 

"I've tried way more mineral sunscreens that I dislike than ones I can tolerate — plus, my skin can handle chemical formulas quite well — but this formula seriously blew me away," she says. "It blends in easily with just my clean fingers — no brushes needed — and seamlessly masks any redness and dark spots dotting my complexion. It's not overly dewy or matte — more like a sweet spot that just nails the 'second-skin' effect."

editor wearing a black blouse and headband wearing SunnyDays foundation

Associate digital beauty director Sarah Kinonen wears the shade Fairfax.

Courtesy of brand

"I'm not much of a foundation person — it's much too heavy for my sensitive skin but man, do I love a tinted moisturizer," says associate beauty director Sarah Kinonen. "When I first got my hands on Tower 28's SunnyDays Tinted Moisturizer, I was so excited. I shade-matched to the second lightest shade in the lineup, Larchmont, but I could have gone a little darker, thanks to the warm-weather glow I picked up during the summer months. Regardless, I only need a small squirt or two of the lightweight formula to cover my entire face in a thinly veiled, satin finish."

She found the coverage is so good — not too heavy but still enough to conceal redness and the occasional breakout — that she can skip concealer completely. "My favorite part is that once it's applied — I use my fingers to buff it in — it doesn't budge. There's never any transfer to my face mask, which is really all I can ask for these days," she adds. 

Editor wearing a white tank top and red lipstick and SunnyDays foundation

Deputy editor Kara McGrath wears the shade Melrose.

Courtesy of editor

Deputy editor Kara McGrath, who used her fingers to apply it (just like she would a normal sunscreen) recalls her first impression with SunnyDays. "The first time I applied this sunscreen, I literally stopped halfway and started filming myself for my Instagram Story because it was so good that I had to tell everyone about it immediately," she says. "I love the finish — it's more matte than a lot of tinted moisturizers, but you can see from the photo that it still gives you just a whisper of dewiness. I use the shade Melrose, which is such a good match for me, you'd think they used my skin as the inspiration." 

Editor wearing a black dress bright pink lipstick and SunnyDays foundation

Beauty and wellness editor Taylore Glynn wears the shade Melrose.

Courtesy of editor

"Carrie Bradshaw once said that all New Yorkers are perpetually searching for either a job, an apartment, or a partner, but I find my personal foundation trifecta to be more elusive," says beauty and wellness editor Taylore Glynn. "Rarely do I find ample dewiness, SPF 30, and substantial coverage all in one option, so I was pumped when Tower 28's new tinted sunscreen promised all three. To get the buildable finish it boasts, I dermaplaned my face — satiny complexion makeup tends to spotlight my healthy layer of peach fuzz — then I used my fingers to buff a nickel-size amount of the shade Melrose on my forehead, cheeks, and chin."

She tapped a little extra liquid around her nose where she tends to get red throughout the day, and a bit more over the smattering of milia on her jaw. "The result was a pretty, lit-from-within glow that totally nixed the redness that usually wins out over the rest of the tinted sunscreens in my medicine cabinet. I did have to touch up my T-zone after a long day of errands, but that's a trade-off I'm happy to make when all my other boxes are checked," she says.

A foundation tube with a brown swatch of the foundation behind the purple tube on a white background

Tower 28 Beauty SunnyDays SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen Foundation

SephoraShop Now

This formula covers all the bases. Now all that's left is for you to try out this mineral sunscreen and foundation hybrid yourself. Trust us, you will not be disappointed. 

Tower 28's SunnyDays SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen Foundation is available now for $30 at sephora.com. 

Keke Palmer Is the Spitting Image of Grace Jones With a Flat-Top Fade

KEKE palmer arrives at 2021 met galaGetty Images

Keke Palmer isn't afraid to switch up her hair for a bold new look. Palmer delivers each and every time as she did with the braided space buns she wore at the premiere for Insecure's final season, and the curly Afro she showed off on October 20 in an ultra-foxy shoot.

On October 26, the actor shared a recent photo shoot on Instagram in which she channels music icon Grace Jones. With a jet-black power suit, iridescent purple eye shadow, and sky-high, flat-top fade, she perfectly nailed Jean-Paul Goude's portrait of the pioneering artist. (If there was any doubt remaining, let this recreation of Jones at the height of the eighties be the final confirmation that the decade is back again for another round of beauty and fashion trendsetting.)

While it's unclear if this is a Halloween costume or a just-because tribute, Palmer's caption "ART," followed by a trio of black and purple hearts perfectly sums up the inspiration. Using Balmain Hair Couture products, hairstylist Kela Wong created the towering style that doesn't skimp on volume. Wong also took the lead on makeup with a shimmery eye, sculpted cheek, and satin lip, all courtesy of Tom Ford Beauty.

With Halloween just around the corner, we might just follow Palmer and recreate this look for ourselves. After all, a Grace Jones homage is always a crowd-pleaser.

All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Morphe’s Mickey & Friends Truth Be Bold Is Not Your Average Disney Collection

side by side of morphe x disney mickey  friends collection and model with short pink hair wearing vibrant eye shadows...Courtesy of brand 

Though Mickey Mouse is not the first character created by Walt Disney, he is the one who started his legacy. Since the 1920s, the cartoon mouse has been a constant in countless people's lives and a major source of branding for everything related to the Walt Disney Company (you'd recognize those distinctive mouse ears anywhere). It only makes sense that Mickey Mouse would receive so many tributes, including a ton of makeup collections — and Morphe has made one of the best ones yet. 

Morphe has collaborated with Disney to create the Mickey & Friends Truth Be Bold Collection that launches on Sunday, October 31. This collection introduces five new products to the Morphe family with two eye shadow palettes, a brush set, a lipstick set, and a handheld mirror, all inspired by Mickey Mouse and his many friends, including Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse. So you'll notice that some of the colors used in this collection reflect hues we've seen on these anthropomorphic animals through the years. 

The Truth Be Bold Artistry Palette ($32), which is the larger of the two palettes, has 35 impressive shimmer and matte eye shadow shades. If you look closely, you can see an imprint of Mickey's, Minnie's, and some of the other characters' faces embedded in the shadows. This impressive palette is not for fans of neutral makeup looks; it's full of colorful hues like Wild One (lime green) and Awe Goody (lavender). Perhaps you'll want to focus on the blue hues in the fourth row of the palette to create a monochromatic moment or blend the orange, pink, and purple hues together for vibrant eye makeup. 

open Mickey  Friends Truth Be Bold artistry eye shadow Palette sitting on top of closed paletteCourtesy of brand

The second palette of the collection is the Truth Be Bold Mini Artistry Palette ($14) that has nine eye shadows in matte and shimmer finishes. Though the name suggests it's just a smaller version of the Artistry Palette, it actually has a completely different color selection. It's also exclusively available at Ulta. This palette contains only black, white, yellow, and red hues, inspired solely by Mickey Mouse. The vibrant red Hey Shorty and canary yellow Bright Expression immediately draw your eyes. 

one open and one mini artistry palette from morphe x disney mickey  friends truth be bold collection.Courtesy of brand

For the lips, the collection offers Mega Matte Lipstick Trio ($20). This lip set comes with three bullet lipsticks in Oh Boy (bright red), Bow Babe (light nude), and Goody Goody (bubblegum pink). The red lipstick was specifically inspired by Mickey Mouse's red shorts. This set has a good selection of basic shades for multiple folks to use, and they all have a matte finish for that done-up retro look. 

three open bullet lipsticks from Mickey  Friends Truth Be Bold LipStickTrio with swatches in red tan and bubblegum pink...Courtesy of brand

Morphe also came through with tools, starting with the Truth Be Bold Six-Piece Brush Set ($28). This brush set is specifically designed for the eyes, so it comes with a flat liner brush, a tapered smudging brush, a small packing brush, and three blending brushes in different sizes. With this set, you can easily blend out all the gorgeous hues in the Truth Be Bold Artistry Palettes or any eye shadows you own to create your own masterpieces. 

six eye makeup brushes from Mickey  Friends Truth Be Bold Brush Set on grey backgroundCourtesy of brand

The last piece of the collection is the Truth Be Bold Hand Mirror ($18), which is shaped like Mickey's beloved ears. The back of the handheld mirror has the mouse's smiling face with a graphic splattering of paint in blue, yellow, and red hues for a modern upgrade to the traditional character.

two Mickey  Friends Truth Be Bold handheld Mirrors in front of grey backgroundCourtesy of brand

All of these products pay homage to the legendary Mickey Mouse in various ways, whether it be by including his signature colors in the makeup products or his ears on the packaging. This collection arrives just in time for his birthday on November 18 (shoutout to all the Scorpios out there!). 

The products in the Mickey & Friends Truth Be Bold collection, which retail from $14 to $32, will be available to shop at morphe.com starting October 31. You can also sign up here to get notified when the products officially go live so that you don't miss out. 

The 43 Most Stunning Makeup-Free Celebrity Selfies

RuPaul Made a Rare Appearance Without Makeup on TikTok  MakeupFree Celebrity Photos


With access to some of the most talented makeup artists in the world, you'd think celebrities would always take advantage of having an expert apply flawless foundation, intricate eye makeup, and super-flattering lip color. And if a glam squad isn't handy, celebrities can easily acquire top-tier makeup to apply themselves. But as so many famous folks have shown on Instagram, sometimes you just want to go au naturel — and look absolutely incredible doing so.

It's always nice to see them switch it up. Whether they're teenagers, grandmothers, or somewhere in-between, these celebrities show that their skin looks stunning without a stitch of concealer, that their eyes sparkle without any help from mascara, and that a little clear lip balm really does go a long way. Sometimes it's just a casual selfie on the couch or even a photo near a pool or ocean. And as beautiful as stars like Lady Gaga, Salma Hayek, and Hailey Bieber look in dramatic makeup, they prove that confidence and a great skin-care routine can come together for an equally gorgeous makeup-free outcome.

Below are some makeup-free celebrity selfies from folks like Gabrielle Union, Drew Barrymore, and Millie Bobby Brown — pictures that made our jaws drop, gave us a whole new appreciation for freckles, and inspired us to spend a little extra time tweaking our skin-care regimen so that we too could have that no-makeup mettle.

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